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Drawing upon the wealth of expertise and talent found in our entire staff is what helped The Treiber Group become one of the oldest and largest insurance companies in the U.S. With more than 175 employees, we diligently strive to maintain the feeling of a large family working together for a common goal.

Working together is something The Treiber Family does very well. Now run by John, Craig, Peter and Scott, each of the young Treibers worked at the agency during school vacations and summers. As they graduated from college, they came to work for the company full time. Each starting in the file room and spending time in each of the departments, they learned and gained valuable industry experience and insight.

Today each member of the family plays a vital role in operating the company. From these many years of experience and knowledge, customers benefit from their hard work, dedication and genuine sense of caring.


For over 100 years The Treiber Group has been guided by its core values.

Our Proud History

The Treiber story began back in 1899, when at the age of 14, John Treiber began working as an office boy at the Germania Fire Insurance Company in Brooklyn, New York. His desire to achieve even greater success led him to take a position with the C. P. Hamilton Agency, one of the oldest insurance agencies in Brooklyn. In 1929, John opened his own Brooklyn-based insurance agency with his brother Charles and together they began a tradition that has continued until today as, three generations later, the four Treiber brothers actively participate in the management of Treiber Group operations.

Steady Growth

Thanks to a sterling reputation for integrity, expertise and compassion, the Treiber Group has grown steadily since its inception. In 1951, with 35 employees, Treiber needed more space and moved into two floors at the Hamburg Savings Bank in Ridgewood, Queens. Again in 1973, the agency had outgrown its space and relocated to Mineola, Long Island. This move out of New York City might have cost another company the majority of its employees. But, staying true to “The Treiber Way,” a daily van service shuttled employees to the new location for 20 years. In 1991, The Treiber Group invested in a new condominium office building in Garden City, Long Island, and moved into its current corporate headquarters. Most recently, in 2006, The Treiber Group celebrated the grand opening of a New York office, located at 67 Wall Street in Manhattan’s illustrious financial district. This return to New York City has allowed Treiber to better service its growing roster of Manhattan-based clients.

The Treiber Group Today

Over the decades of building an impressive insurance operation that today ranks Treiber among the Top 100 U.S. Insurance Brokers, the company’s leadership has never lost sight of its founding vision of integrity, compassion, professionalism, quality and innovation. And, over 100 years later, the Treiber family continues to play a major role in the daily affairs of running the organization. They are supported by a professional management staff that is charged with executing client services “The Treiber Way.”


A proud past. An even brighter future.

Looking Ahead

The Treiber Group operates in a traditional, mature and very competitive insurance market. And, the property casualty sector is dominated by cyclical pricing and coverage availability conditions that are often a cause of concern for our clients and producers. For over a century, we have successfully navigated through these cycles, bringing innovative risk solutions to bear while growing our enterprise to be a major force in the risk services marketplace. We understand and embrace change. We remain steadfast during times of volatility. Ours is a track-record you can trust.

In order to preserve our tradition of growth, Treiber management has created a list of six, strategic priorities.

  • Serve existing clients and producers with the highest level of expertise and responsiveness in the Treiber tradition;
  • Maintain a balanced focus on risk mitigation efforts coupled with risk financing objectives as part of core client
  • Expand our delivery skills in Employee Benefits, Special Risk business, VIP Personal Lines, Program Business and
    related products;
  • Extend our geographical market position to territories throughout the Northeastern US;
  • Seek profitable growth in the risk services market, bringing marketing and technical product support services to
    select MGU underwriting facilities;
  • Acquire resource and production expertise, as necessary, to access, market and service core business and
    supplementary activity, all directed to client and producer needs.

By remaining focused on these strategies, Treiber believes that the company will be able to not only identify and meet client and market expectations, but exceed them at every turn. In doing so, we will achieve sustainable long-term growth and success.


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